Why an eBike?

First and most importantly an eBike makes riding a bike FUN and EASY!

Loads of people who would love to ride a bike get put off, because of either the terrain or by the fear of cars.  An Ebike can help with both of these.  eBikes get you from A to B with the ease and mobility of a pedal cycle but with much less effort needed to ride up hills and into headwinds.  Equally, with a motor kicking in (especially pulling away from lights) you are free to concentrate on awareness of traffic.  Our customers tell us the electric bike’s ease of use takes away their fears of traffic.

Secondly – cost.  Compared to driving, parking, taxis or even taking a daily bus to work, an eBike is great value for money whilst also helping you enjoy a healthy, sustainable way to travel. Our Electric Bikes are classed as pedal cycles with no requirement for Driving Licence, insurance or tax and are legal for use on British & European Roads. On a single battery charge, electric bikes can travel up to 70 miles (on pedal assist mode) with a maximum permitted speed of 15mph under power. Compared to the speed limit of 20 mph in most Edinburgh streets now, an eBike is also as fast as a car without the pain of parking!

What are benefits of an electric bike?

  • No hills or headwinds! (or at least, that’s how it feels)
  • Freedom, fast and so much fun
  • Reliable and resilient
  • No parking, no congestion, no tax or insurance costs
  • Healthier, happier you!

Why buy an electric bike from Edinburgh Cycle Company?

We’ve been in this business since 2005 (an age in electric bike terms), we’ve seen lead acid gel and nickel metal hydride come and go and we know what works and more importantly what’s reliable in the world of electric bikes.

We don’t have any £250 “best eBike ever” deals that you can find online, but what you will find though is great customer service, a knowledge of pedelecs that is second to none and a company that will be here for any issues or upgrades.

We have a range of demonstrator eBikes which we are more than happy to let you try so you can find out what sort of eBike suits your individual needs.