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New Year, New Me (YAWN)

My name’s Neill and I like pies! And I work in close proximity to fine purveyors of said products!

I had the misfortune of catching sight of myself in the mirror in a shirt maybe slightly too tight for a man of my advancing years on Christmas day. A trip to the scales a few days later and I’m tipping the aforementioned bad boy at just under 109KG (which is 17.1646 Stones in old money according to Uncle Google.)  

Now according to the NHS BMI Calculator that gives me a BMI of 31.8 which when you look at this chart underneath has me creeping into the Land of the Obese but still close to the shorelines of Pleasantly Plump but a few miles from the sunny, idyllic climes of Healthy.

Now I hear you asking “Neill, we want to know about electric bikes, and we have very little interest in your Greggs habit!”

So this brings me to the point of humiliating myself here!  As a (big boned!) person with quite a sedentary job and a love of food,  realistically I need to lose about 23Kg (3.62 Stones blah blah blah), get fit and avoid stuff like Type 2 Diabetes. All you hear everywhere when electric bikes are mentioned (from us too) is that “eBikes are healthy”, “eBikes get you fit”, “eBikes are a proper workout” etc etc. So now it’s time to put my money where the industry mouth (and mine) is and use the eBikes I have access to (I hate the gym especially in January) as my main form of exercise and walk the walk. Why pay for a gym when bike rides are free?

So over the coming months, I’ll be strava’ing every bloody ride (good excuse to buy more tech) and counting my calories and exercise on

So stay tuned as I go from this…

To this….




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Winter Opening Hours

From this Monday (9th December) we’ll start closing both the workshop and the showroom on Mondays until the Spring.

This year has been stupidly busy with lots of bikes going out and we have super exciting plans for next year that we can’t wait to share with you but for now, we need to take this time to recharge our collective (Lithium Ion) batteries ready for the New Year and new plans.

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The RV of eBikes!

The Tern Bicycles GSD is possibly the most innovative eBike we’ve had in store for a long, long time.

Got to carry 2 children. Got you covered!
Got carry a child and a mountain of shopping. Again, got you!
Need to store it in a confined space. Yup it can do that!

Check out the video and get in touch and welcome this RV of an eBike into your life.

Don’t believe us, see what Bike Radar had to say about it here

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Santa’s Little Helper

Rudolph, you’re fired! Santa has an alternative greener method of transport this Christmas with his Riese & Müller Packster. Lower carbon emissions that of 9 Reindeer. Early field tests were very favourable with a delivery to our friends at Kids Love Clothes

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You want bikes! We have bikes! Let’s talk! Currently, you can now save over £300 with huge reductions from Scott and Bergamont. Scott e Sub Sport 10 £3099 now down to £2649 (only one medium left)! Scott e Sub Active £2149 now down to £1829! Scott e Sub Cross 20 £1949 to £1659! Bergamont e Horizon 7 £2249 to £1900! E Horizon 6 £1999 to £1699, and Helix £2899 to £2469!

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Riese & Muller Now In Store

We’re really happy to announce we’ve just taken on Riese & Müller as our new super premium eBike brand. We have a Packster 60 as a demo bike at present with more coming soon. We will also be at the Scottish Cycling, Running & Outdoor Pursuits Show 2018 with these bikes. More info on the range can be found here