8 days a week…

Feeling like that’s what we’ve been working the last few years as a certain Mr. McCartney once sung about (don’t think he worked in a bike shop during a pandemic)

We need a rest! The last almost three years have been hell. Super busy, stressful and just plain tiring. We had 13 staff at one point during the pandemic, we fixed half of Edinburgh’s bikes for free (or so it felt) and we moved into our huge new store. We’ve all had COVID, two of us are still suffering from symptoms that are pretty harsh and affecting our day to day lives. To sum it up, we’re feeling a bit rough around the edges and mentally as well as physically we’re feeling the strain. This is not the way to provide our you, our customers with the best service.

So what do we do? We’ve decided to close three days a week (not a catchy song title) and hopefully that will give us the time away from the pressure of the shop to recover and fall in love with retail and bikes again. 4 day weeks seem to be all the rage right now and have been proven to be beneficial to staff (It’s all explained here https://www.4dayweek.com/

So we’d really recommend using our appointment system so we can keep everyone happy and you still get the great service you’ve come to expect.