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5 Reasons to buy an Electric Bike

Nothing beats living in the city, but the traffic is something we would all rather do without.

Public transport offers one solution, but depending on the bus timetables can lead to long wait times or even a missed bus if you’re running late. Walking is great if you live near your place of work, but most of us aren’t that lucky and don’t have time to hoof it several miles.

In response to these challenges many people choose to bike to work, but for those with substantial commutes or hilly routes, biking can be prohibitively difficult. Electric bikes present an exciting solution to this challenge. Here’s why these vehicles are so cool, and why you might want to make an ebike your next ride.

1.You don’t have to get sweaty

Many people would be open to biking to work if it didn’t mean they’d arrive tired, sweaty, and completely out of breath. The power in an electric commuter bike can help you get to your destination without looking – you know – like you biked there.

2.You can travel faster

Bicycling is often faster than driving a car or taking public transportation because it enables you to bypass areas of heavy vehicle congestion. An ebike speeds up your commute even more and helps you reach speeds of 15 mph assisted up the steepest hills.

Once you get to your destination, you can forget about circling the block over and over again looking for parking – just lock your ride up on a bike rack and go about your business.

3.It’s good for the planet

Choosing to bike instead of drive reduces your carbon footprint and helps to improve air quality where you live. Of course, exactly how good for the environment an ebike is depends on the source of the electricity used to charge its battery.

Electric energy is generated in different ways and according to 2015 data from the Scottish Goverment

  • 42% comes from renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal
  • 35% comes from nuclear power
  • 22% of electricity comes from fossil fuels

If the planet-friendly angle is important to you, consider buying your energy from one of the many green energy suppliers to ensure that the power behind your bike comes from a renewable source.

4.You can still do your thing

Want to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work? Bikes like the Giant Ease E+ feature an integrated rear rack so that attaching pannier bags to carry a little cargo is simple.

Need to get to work even though there’s snow? There are ebikes with front and rear mudguards that keep tyres from kicking puddles up at you, or you can buy mudguards separately and attach them yourself or have us fit them.

Riding after dark? Most ebikes come with lights and reflective tape to keep riders visible and safe.

Special features like the ones above mean that you can go about your day secure in the knowledge that however it pans out, you’ll be able to do your to-dos and get yourself home safely.

5.You’ll save money

Driving is expensive. Add up your monthly payments, your tax,  insurance, fuel, maintenance and parking, and you’re looking at quite a bill. Running a car will cost you anything between £1500 and £4500 a year according to this report. An ebike will cost around 0.2p per mile to charge and even figuring in £150 a year for maintenance and tyres it’s a pretty sizeable difference.

If you’re sold on the idea of an ebike, pop in store and we can advise as to what might be the right bike for your lifestyle and budget.

Adapted from an original article in Seattle Refined

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Not hearing from us? We’re really really sorry!

If you’ve been expecting an email from us and you haven’t received a response it’s not that we’re lazy, don’t care or don’t want your business, it’s that our really helpful hosting company has been spam filtering our outgoing mail and not telling us. Pretty helpful huh?

If you’d still like to hear from us please get in touch.

Apologies again for their ineptitude.

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Cube E-Bikes now available!

We’re really excited to announce that we’ve just become a CUBE Bikes dealer!

Cube electric bikes are some of the best value electric bikes on the market starting at £1699 for a Bosch driven electric bike.


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Monday Closure

We will be closed tomorrow (Monday 29th Feb) due to family issues.

We’ll be open again on Tuesday 1st March as usual.

Apologies for any inconvenience.

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February 2016 Special Offer!

This month every electric bike sold will come with free Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyre upgrade worth over £70.
Schwalbe’s best selling model. The most puncture resistant pneumatic tire there is. In addition to the superior puncture protection it features many inner values:
Rolling resistance. The patented, 5 mm thick SmartGuard layer, when compared to all generic products, has a significant advantage in rolling resistance.
“Anti-aging” side wall. It now lasts much longer before developing unsightly cracks when subjected to use with too low air pressure.

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Save up to £700 on your new electric bike from the Electric Company with 10% off all electric bikes until the end of January (excluding EMU)

This offer is valid on pre-orders for 2016 bikes (10% deposit required) as well as in stock bikes.

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Holiday Opening Times

We’re closing tomorrow at 2pm and we’ll be open from 10 till 4pm on the 28, 29 & 30th (sales only no workshop). We’ll open again on the 4th of January for sales and servicing.

Thanks for all your support this year and we look forward to seeing you in 2016.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at the Electric Cycle Company!

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Dongles and Why We Say NO!

We are enjoying our role within the growing eBike industry in the UK and we hope to see the industry continue to flourish, as the positive impact it has on people’s lives is something that can’t be measured.

There is however one thing we’d really like to talk about, and state our position on as we see this as a potentially serious problem.

Our major concern is the use of dongles on eMTBs. Currently Pedelec electric mountain bikes benefit from the same access rights as normal bicycles, and eBike customers can ride their bikes in the forests and at trail centres all over the UK. As we’re sure you’ll appreciate “dongl’ing” these bikes removes the speed restriction and in the eyes of the law turns the bicycles into a moped, thus meaning they are not allowed to be used anywhere where there is public access (on or off road).

The issue we’d like discussed now, is the fact that some dealers are selling bikes with dongles supplied. You must appreciate that there is no where in the UK these bikes can be used legally, and therefore any dealers selling them are promoting the illegal use of eBikes, and in many cases miss-selling products to customers who don’t know the risks they are taking. The situation we’re looking to prevent is one whereby an accident happens on Forestry Commission land, in a National Park or at a Trail Centre involving a dongle’d ebike. The automatic reaction of the decision makers will be to ban all eBikes, because they can’t simply ban the illegal ones, because by definition they are already banned.

An eBike ban at these venues would kill the off road eBike industry before it’s even really got started, so it’s in our interest to take a responsible stance to ensure the sustainable future.

Dealers selling dongles in the UK are looking to make a quick buck and we should be doing more to stop this bad practice. The customers do not understand the risks they are taking riding a dongle’d bike, because the retailers do not make it clear, these include, but are not limited to:

* Points on license for using an uninsured, untaxed, unMOT’d vehicle.
* Liability in the event of any accident, because any insurance will be invalid because of above.
* The actions of an individual could result on serious impacts on the whole industry, as a high profile case will result in access being restricted.

By dongling the bike it also removes the CE certification so there are issues that Trading Standards could take issue with.

Individual’s using their illegal bikes on the road take on these risks and having spoken to many, they don’t understand or appreciate them because the dealers are too keen to sell the bikes, regardless of the potential impact on the customer in the longer term.

However, as I’ve said above our main concern is that the actions of a small minority of irresponsible owners will result in eBikes being banned from all Forestry Commission land and trail centres.

Currently eBikes are having a huge beneficial impact on the cycle trade and the lives of countless individuals who are enjoying the access owning an eBike brings.

(This post is adapted from a letter from one of our suppliers that appeared online and in various UK Cycling websites recently)