eBike FAQ

Electric Bike FAQ

How far can I go on an electric bike?

Many factors influence this answer. With a full charge of your e-bike’s battery your e-bike’s range – which is how far you can ride today – varies from 35km / 20 miles right up to 160km / 100 miles or more. In general, the more power you want from the motor, the more energy it uses up, and this affects how far you can go on your bike ride.

Other factors that affect eBike range are the steepness of the terrain, the road surface, the weight of the rider and kit on board, the wind conditions, and more. Think of it as miles-per-gallon in a car and being able to make the most of your range by riding economically. The tip is to optimize the power level and how you are riding while keeping an eye on the range left in your battery, which is typically shown on your bicycle’s display unit.

How long does it take to charge an electric bike battery?

It depends on the size of the battery, its capacity, and the type of charger. Each e-bike will come with a guide or technical manual which will give you the specifics for your bike’s system. For example, a higher capacity 625Wh battery can be 50% charged in around two hours, and fully charged in five hours with a standard charger. With the fast charger, you can bring the time to charge a battery to 50% right down to just over an hour, and fully charged in around three hours.

How long do electric bike batteries last?

These are built to last. Usually, an e-bike’s battery lasts over 500 cycles before you see any loss of performance – this means you can charge and completely discharge it about 500 times. Your electric-bike battery is similar to your phone’s battery. It’s still a lithium battery, it’s only bigger. Also, Li-Ion batteries do not have what’s called a ‘memory’ effect, so there’s no need to fully charge the battery or drain it completely before recharging it again for your next ride.

Where can I see the range of my electric bike?

The range – the distance that you can ride your e-bike – is shown clearly on the digital display positioned on your handlebar, or even on your smartphone.

How do I charge my electric bike?

It’s very simple. You just need to charge your electric bike battery with the charging unit that comes with the bike and plug it into a normal domestic socket or outlet. You can charge the battery directly while it’s still on your e-bike, or you can remove the battery and charge it separately in your home or office.

Does pedaling charge the battery?

No – to recharge your battery, it needs to be connected and charged via a regular electric outlet or socket, in the same manner as you would charge your phone or laptop.

Do I still have to pedal an electric bike?

Yes – the motor adds power to your ride, but only when you actually pedal your bike. You can still ride your e-bike even if you do not want to activate the electric assistance, and you can freewheel and cruise along, just like a regular bike. It feels and rides like a conventional bike – with added power, when you want it.

Can I get any exercise on an electric bike?

Yes, you can – riding an e-bike is still great exercise. Depending on the amount of exercise you want to do and the power assist you want from the motor – you select between different power modes by simply pushing a button to get the right level of power assist. Remember, you always have to pedal, and it can still be a great workout.

Can electric bikes go up steep hills?

Absolutely! Riding an e-bike means you can go farther, power up those hills, and reach destinations you’d never thought was possible to go to. 

Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?

Yes – all electrical components on an e-bike have been designed and made to be waterproof. You can carefully wash your e-bike with no problem (however we don’t recommend using a jet-wash or power-wash hose), meaning you can enjoy riding in all seasons.

What do I have to do in winter?

In winter it’s recommended to remove the battery from your e-bike and store it in a cool, dry place – Li-Ion batteries don’t like being left out in the cold and wet. If possible, when not in use store your e-bike indoors or under-cover as well. You should also try and keep it charged at around 70% to guarantee a long life to your battery.

What should I look for when buying an electric bike? And, how do I decide what’s the best electric bike for me?

First and foremost, picking the right bicycle brand means product reliability, best quality, and safety. Then you have to consider how and where you want to use your electric bike — the type of terrain, how long you want to ride, and where do you want to go. We would also recommend you book a demo with us to check out the options we have and speak to someone who can help size you up and pick the right bike for you. We have a wide range of electric bikes to fit your purposes – we have eBikes for everybody.