Our Town Hybrid Sport Pro is a true all-rounder.

Our Town Hybrid Sport Pro is a true all-rounder. Touring bike, commuter bike, shopping bike; there is nothing that makes this stable and comfortable Bosch e-bike uncomfortable. The beating heart is the smooth and powerful Active Plus powertrain from Bosch, with a wide-band Shimano Deore 10-speed transmission. Smart: the system recognizes whether you are driving in the optimum efficiency range and gives advice on how to switch lighter or heavier. The result is not only finer cycling, but also a greater action radius. The hydraulic disc brakes are not wrong either; regardless of the weather conditions they brake powerful but controllable. An easily adjustable front fork with air suspension and a suspension seat post are responsible for the high level of comfort, lighting,

Building a bicycle frame is not that complicated. But building a frame that is safe, comfortable and stable is a completely different story. Certainly if it also has to look nice. But our dyed-in-the-wool designers gladly accepted the challenge. The first thing they did is place the battery behind the seat tube, as is well known the best place if you want an optimal mix of ease of entry, stability and rigidity. And certainly in the case of the Town Hybrid; the motor suspension and battery holder of this e-bike are cast in one piece! We call Gravity Casting this advanced metalworking process. It provides a strong and rigid construction, while at the same time saving weight. The intensively machined frame tubes are made from our high-quality Superlite aluminum. And the luggage carrier is an integral part of the frame. Stronger, lighter and more beautiful. Oh yes, did we mention the smoothly finished welds? Functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand here.

42, 46, 54, 56cm
Bosch Drive Unit Active Plus
SR Suntour NEX-E25 HLO, 50mm, Lockout
Shimano BR-MT400, Hydr. Disc Brake (180/160)
Aluminium Superlite