The RV of eBikes!

The Tern Bicycles GSD is possibly the most innovative eBike we’ve had in store for a long, long time.

Got to carry 2 children. Got you covered!
Got carry a child and a mountain of shopping. Again, got you!
Need to store it in a confined space. Yup it can do that!

Check out the video and get in touch and welcome this RV of an eBike into your life.

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Santa’s Little Helper

Rudolph, you’re fired! Santa has an alternative greener method of transport this Christmas with his Riese & Müller Packster. Lower carbon emissions that of 9 Reindeer. Early field tests were very favourable with a delivery to our friends at Kids Love Clothes

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Swapping your car for an eBike?

Electric bikes can be life-changing for many people, whether it is through increased mobility, the freedom to get places stress-free, money saved not running from the car, or the sheer fun and enjoyment. Claire Connachan caught up with Cycling UK member Neil Robertson to learn more about how his electric bike has made positive changes in his life.

Although Neil has been cycling for a long time, he didn’t invest in an electric bike until relatively recently. I asked him about his background before e-bikes came into his life.

“I started cycle commuting about 16 years ago to get fitter and lose weight,” Neil explains. “After that I joined CTC and I became a member of the 20 Milers Club, MellowVelo and Spokes, all based in Edinburgh. I actually met my wife on a 20 Milers ride in 2009, and the rest is history.”  

Neil and his wife Cathie have a large collection of bikes now – 12 in total. With so many cycles at their disposal, I was interested in learning why Neil’s interest was piqued with electric bikes.

“I read an article about a 30-year-old international triathlete with osteo-arthritis,” says Neil. “She couldn’t cycle for pain, but after buying an ebike she found she could train on days when she was suffering. I thought that if it can do that for someone who is really toiling then I might have a look.”You really discover what the e-bike does for hills – it basically flattens them.Neil Robertson

Neil and Cathie visited the Electric Cycle Company in Edinburgh to investigate. They tried several different kinds of electric bikes, and as the shop was at the top of a hill they quickly realised how electric bikes make cycling effortless.

“You really discover what the ebike does for hills – it basically flattens them,” Neil says. “It removes hills from the equation. After seeing the e-bike on the hills, Cathie decided she could cycle to work. Her commute is six miles up a hill into the prevailing wind. Mine is downhill most of the way to work, but on the way home it’s a real uphill slog.” 

Neil and Cathie’s ebikes

An hour later, with two electric bikes purchased, Neil and Cathie were both keen to try out their commutes.

“Cathie commutes to work three times a week,” Neil says. “She teaches, and before she had the e-bike she was too hot and sweaty upon arriving at work to teach. The e-bike really suits her commute to work now. Cathie’s bike you can just step on in your work clothes, you don’t get oil or anything. There’s very little maintenance.”

As for Neil, he has also seen a significant difference in his travel habits since investing in an electric bike, to the extent that his car has almost become completely redundant.

“I picked up my e-bike in September 2017. Ten weeks on I had done over 1,000 miles on my electric bike. The e-bike became my default mode of transport in Edinburgh. I commuted to work every day and at the end of ten weeks I looked at the car and it had only done 260 miles. I had last filled the car with fuel on the 26 of September!”

Cathie with the ebikes on the High Peak Trial

Neil and Cathie’s electric bikes have been a good financial investment for them both. Neil has done the sums: “Without the e-bikes, in two and a half months the car would have probably done a thousand miles. The fuel cost alone would go a good way to the cost of the e-bike.”

Although Neil has been a keen cyclist for many years, he faced some barriers that discourages many other people from jumping on a bike for certain journeys.  Hills were a bugbear for him, with an extended uphill cycle after a long day’s work not appealing to him. The electric bike suddenly provided a workplace cycle commute for him again.

“I just changed psychology. Even in monsoon weather, I was still smiling on my e-bike. I cycled up Dundas Street and the Mound – two of Edinburgh’s nastiest hills – in shocking rain and I did it at 15 miles an hour. I just wouldn’t be able to do that without the electric bike.”

Neil has also discovered that electric cycling makes it much easier to keep up with traffic. He feels it’s a key selling point for people who doubt e-bikes or are nervous around vehicles. With electric assist, you can take away from traffic lights and junctions quickly and it allows you to keep up with cars in urban environments.I did lots of miles on my bike that I would have otherwise done in my car. It’s one less car on the road. Neil Robertson

“The real difference is you can keep up in the traffic flow, even with all the hills,” Neil says. “I know we’re not supposed to feel like we are holding up traffic because we are traffic, but it does give you that extra bit of confidence.”

I ask him whether anyone ever ribs him for ‘cheating’ with an electric bike (not that I think it is).

“Look, electric bikes are not cheating,” he replies firmly. “I did lots of miles on my bike that I would have otherwise done in my car. It’s one less car on the road. In September I was driving to work every day and I’m now cycling. Is that cheating? No. To me that’s a massive bonus! In the 10 weeks I lost nine pounds in weight, just using the electric bike.”

Electric cycling really is a game changer for many people, and it’s difficult to think of any downsides. For Neil, investing in an electric bike has improved his physical and mental health, made cycle commuting accessible, flattened Edinburgh’s hills and replaced a significant number of car trips. What’s not to love? But while I can’t think of any downsides, Neil can come up with one: “The downside of an e-bike is that it’s impossible to wipe the smile off your face.”


Image ©Stuart Threlfall

Scotland’s Biggest eBike Demo Fleet

We have the LARGEST eBike demo fleet in Scotland and probably one of the largest in the UK. Currently, we have 28 demo bikes on the shop floor here for you to try.

The list currently is as follows:

  • Scott E-Silence 10 – Brose Mid Drive Trekking/Touring Bike
  • Scott E-Silence 20 – Brose Mid Drive Trekking/Touring
  • Scott E-Sub Sport 10 – Bosch Mid Drive Trekking/Touring Bike
  • Giant Quick E+ – Yamaha Mid Drive Trekking/Touring Bike
  • Orbea Keram Comfort 10 – Bosch Mid Drive Trekking/Touring Bike
  • Bergamont E-Horizon 7.0 – Bosch Mid Drive Trekking/Touring Bike
  • Giant Race E+2 ­– Yamaha Mid Drive Road Bike
  • Emu Electric Bike – Hub Drive Town Bike
  • Giant Ease E+ – Hub Drive Town Bike
  • Bergamont E-Horizon 7.0 Wave – Bosch Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Bergamont E-Ville A8 500 – Bosch Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Scott E-Sub Active Unisex – Bosch Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Moustache Samedi Xroad Open 1 – Bosch Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Moustache Samedi Brown – Bosch Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Bergamont E-Horizon N8 FH 400 Wave 26 – Bosch Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Ridgeback Electron Plus – Shimano Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Ridgeback Electron Di2 – Shimano Mid Drive Town Bike
  • Orbea Keram 20 – Bosch Mid Drive Hardtail MTB
  • Orbea Wild 30 – Bosch Mid Drive Hardtail MTB
  • Bergamont E-Roxter 8.0 – Bosch Mid Drive Hardtail MTB
  • Scott E-Scale 930 – Bosch Mid Drive Hardtail MTB
  • Scott E-Aspect 720 – Brose Mid Drive Hardtail MTB
  • Scott E-Genius 710 – Bosch Mid Drive Full Susp MTB
  • Moustache Samedi Race 6 – Bosch Mid Drive Full Susp MTB
  • Winther Cargoo – Hub Drive Bakfiet
  • Butchers and Bicycles MK1E – Bosch Mid Drive Bakfiet
  • Wisper 806SE – Hub Drive Folding Bike
  • Orbea Katu-E 20 – Bosch Mid Drive Shopping Bike

We think we might just have the right bike for you!

5 Reasons to buy an Electric Bike

Nothing beats living in the city, but the traffic is something we would all rather do without.

Public transport offers one solution, but depending on the bus timetables can lead to long wait times or even a missed bus if you’re running late. Walking is great if you live near your place of work, but most of us aren’t that lucky and don’t have time to hoof it several miles.

In response to these challenges many people choose to bike to work, but for those with substantial commutes or hilly routes, biking can be prohibitively difficult. Electric bikes present an exciting solution to this challenge. Here’s why these vehicles are so cool, and why you might want to make an ebike your next ride.

1. You don’t have to get sweaty

Many people would be open to biking to work if it didn’t mean they’d arrive tired, sweaty, and completely out of breath. The power in an electric commuter bike can help you get to your destination without looking – you know – like you biked there.

2. You can travel faster

Bicycling is often faster than driving a car or taking public transportation because it enables you to bypass areas of heavy vehicle congestion. An ebike speeds up your commute even more and helps you reach speeds of 15 mph assisted up the steepest hills.

Once you get to your destination, you can forget about circling the block over and over again looking for parking – just lock your ride up on a bike rack and go about your business.

3. It’s good for the planet

Choosing to bike instead of drive reduces your carbon footprint and helps to improve air quality where you live. Of course, exactly how good for the environment an ebike is depends on the source of the electricity used to charge its battery.

Electric energy is generated in different ways and according to 2015 data from the Scottish Goverment

  • 42% comes from renewable sources like wind, solar and geothermal
  • 35% comes from nuclear power
  • 22% of electricity comes from fossil fuels

If the planet-friendly angle is important to you, consider buying your energy from one of the many green energy suppliers to ensure that the power behind your bike comes from a renewable source.

4. You can still do your thing

Want to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work? Bikes like the Giant Ease E+ feature an integrated rear rack so that attaching pannier bags to carry a little cargo is simple.

Need to get to work even though there’s snow? There are ebikes with front and rear mudguards that keep tyres from kicking puddles up at you, or you can buy mudguards separately and attach them yourself or have us fit them.

Riding after dark? Most ebikes come with lights and reflective tape to keep riders visible and safe.

Special features like the ones above mean that you can go about your day secure in the knowledge that however it pans out, you’ll be able to do your to-dos and get yourself home safely.

5. You’ll save money

Driving is expensive. Add up your monthly payments, your tax,  insurance, fuel, maintenance and parking, and you’re looking at quite a bill. Running a car will cost you anything between £1500 and £4500 a year according to this report. An ebike will cost around 0.2p per mile to charge and even figuring in £150 a year for maintenance and tyres it’s a pretty sizeable difference.

If you’re sold on the idea of an ebike, pop in store and we can advise as to what might be the right bike for your lifestyle and budget.

Adapted from an original article in Seattle Refined