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You want bikes! We have bikes! Let’s talk! Currently, you can now save over £300 with huge reductions from Scott and Bergamont. Scott e Sub Sport 10 £3099 now down to £2649 (only one medium left)! Scott e Sub Active £2149 now down to £1829! Scott e Sub Cross 20 £1949 to £1659! Bergamont e Horizon 7 £2249 to £1900! E Horizon 6 £1999 to £1699, and Helix £2899 to £2469!

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Riese & Muller Now In Store

We’re really happy to announce we’ve just taken on Riese & Müller as our new super premium eBike brand. We have a Packster 60 as a demo bike at present with more coming soon. We will also be at the Scottish Cycling, Running & Outdoor Pursuits Show 2018 with these bikes. More info on the range can be found here