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We pride ourselves in being the most experienced eBike service and repair centre in Scotland. With our new spacious custom-built work shop we can look after any service or repair need you may have.

Every bike will be given a free safety check and estimate before we start carrying out any repair.


The Standard Service is what we recommend to the majority of our customers where we check over the whole bicycle. We recommend this service every 6 months if you’re are a daily ebike user or once a year if you’re a more occasional user.

The Standard Service comes with a six-month warranty on the work carried out, and a one-year warranty on new parts we fit. Any parts required will be highlighted by us when the bicycle is received, but these are not included in the price.

  • Check and adjust brakes and gears.
  • Check and inflate tyres.
  • Check and externally adjust hubs, headset.
  • Replace brake blocks/pads (if required).
  • Lubricate cables (replace if required).
  • Lubricate chain and derailleurs.
  • Check/tighten all nuts and bolts.
  • Check and update firmware
  • Reset service intervals
  • Run diagnostics on computer
  • Test ride
  • A 6 month guarantee on all work carried out


We strip your bike down to its constituent parts. Every part is carefully checked over before it is refitted. Serviceable bearings are regreased. New cables, bearings and brake pads are fitted if required. The whole bike is thoroughly cleaned. If you ride every day, or you’re contemplating a big ride, or you want your bike to work better after a long lay off you might want to consider this service.

As our Standard Service, plus

  • Complete strip down and rebuild including headset and hubs (excludes hydraulic brakes, suspension forks & shocks).
  • All threads cleaned and chased.
  • Wheels trued & tensioned.
  • New cables and brake fluid
  • Bike deep cleaned

Service Extras

  • Firmware update                            £25
  • Motor fitting                                   £40
  • Battery capacity test                      £30

Headset (excluding parts)   

  • Fitting                                              £25
  • Service                                            £17
  • Adjustment                                    £7
  • Press Fit Bearings £15

Brakes per brake & excluding parts          

  • Fitting & bleed                                £25
  • Bleeding                                          £20
  • Clean & service                               £15
  • Replace hose & bleed                     £25
  • Replace pads                                   £15
  • Rotor fitting                                             £10

Wheels (quoted per wheel & excluding parts)

  • New wheel build                                  £30
  • Wheel true True & tension             £15
  • Spoke replacement                         £20
  • Tubeless conversion                       £30

Punctures (excluding new tube)   

  • On the spot                                     £10
  • On the spot hub gear            £15

Tyres (excluding parts)        

  • New tyre fitting                     £10
  • New tyre fitting hub gear               £15  
  • Tubeless tyre fitting              £15
  • Mail order eBike build  £150
  • Road bike                              £150
  • Insurance  Inspection                     £30
  • Insurance Quote                             £30

All other parts and accessory fitting servicing prices are available when consulting staff.

Occasionally we see bikes that are beyond economical repair and you will be informed of this where needed. From time to time the shop floor inspection may not see issues with the bike as they may only become obvious upon the mechanics stripping the bike down. You will always be called to talk about this and any costs this will incur. It is very important we get accurate contact details from you when we book your bike in so we can call you if needed.