We want to help…

Right now, we’re feeling pretty vulnerable and helpless.

But people way less fortunate than us, in our easy bike shop life, are having things way harder than we can ever imagine.

We want to help but what can we do? Well, we can fix bikes rather well. So from Thursday (19th March), if you work for an essential service like the NHS, Police Scotland, Pharmacists, Cleaners, Council Workers, Supermarket Workers, Carers, etc, and you’d prefer to cycle to your place of work instead of using public transport, we’ll fix your bike for free. Please just pay for any parts you need. (with a 20% discount)

If we missed any group you think is vital let us know and we’ll add it.

I’m paying my staff as I can afford to at the moment. Our business is pretty quiet so we might as well do something. But if this does go on for a long time please be patient with us and don’t take the piss, we’re still just a small business trying to help.

We’ll disinfect your bike as best as we can before and after servicing too – just in case.

Stay safe (and mobile)

Neill, Douglas, Drew and Michael

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