New Year, New Me (YAWN)

My name’s Neill and I like pies! And I work in close proximity to fine purveyors of said products!

I had the misfortune of catching sight of myself in the mirror in a shirt maybe slightly too tight for a man of my advancing years on Christmas day. A trip to the scales a few days later and I’m tipping the aforementioned bad boy at just under 109KG (which is 17.1646 Stones in old money according to Uncle Google.)  

Now according to the NHS BMI Calculator that gives me a BMI of 31.8 which when you look at this chart underneath has me creeping into the Land of the Obese but still close to the shorelines of Pleasantly Plump but a few miles from the sunny, idyllic climes of Healthy.

Now I hear you asking “Neill, we want to know about electric bikes, and we have very little interest in your Greggs habit!”

So this brings me to the point of humiliating myself here!  As a (big boned!) person with quite a sedentary job and a love of food,  realistically I need to lose about 23Kg (3.62 Stones blah blah blah), get fit and avoid stuff like Type 2 Diabetes. All you hear everywhere when electric bikes are mentioned (from us too) is that “eBikes are healthy”, “eBikes get you fit”, “eBikes are a proper workout” etc etc. So now it’s time to put my money where the industry mouth (and mine) is and use the eBikes I have access to (I hate the gym especially in January) as my main form of exercise and walk the walk. Why pay for a gym when bike rides are free?

So over the coming months, I’ll be strava’ing every bloody ride (good excuse to buy more tech) and counting my calories and exercise on

So stay tuned as I go from this…

To this….